Air Purifiers

Why Do we need Air Purifiers ?        

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Did you know that indoor pollutant levels may be two to five times higher than they are outdoors and occasionally even 100 times higher! Your home’s air can be affected by a variety of pollutants including pollen, mold, dust, dust mites, pet dander, and tobacco smoke, just to name a few. Exposure to these indoor air pollutants can result in wide range of health effects, from immediate to long-term illnesses and mild to severe or even fatal symptoms.Using an air purifier to remove impurities and deliver clean air to your home & office is a great solution for proactively minimizing your risk and exposure to indoor air pollution. However, there are tons of air purifiers on the market, so how do you pick the best one or even know what to look for? Start your search here by getting answers to the most common questions we receive about air purifiers.

Why buy lasko Air Purifiers ?

Most common & traditional ones are the  HEPA filter air purifiers ,but recent study has shown that HEPA filters can still leave some residue in the air which no other filter except the Electrostatic filter can remove.

Lasko’s Electrostatic Air purifiers have Stainless Steel Filters constructed of a series of metal  plates and an ionizer wire. As the air particles pass through the wire, they become charged and are attracted to the stainless steel collection plates. Can capture particles smaller than 0.3 microns since it uses a strong static field Fights odors without the need for extra filters Permanent effectiveness and customers do not need to purchase replacement filters.  Permanent filter can be easily washed clean with soap and water.

We have done a comparative study for both HEPA & Electrostatic Purifiers ,for reference please click on this link below for a power point presentation.